The past year was hard enough for everyone. Pandemic, lockdowns all over the world, economic downturn, political conflicts and protests, the inability to meet with relatives, plans that have gone wrong. Many people were under a cloud.
But every cloud has a silver lining and you can see something good here. Many people volunteered, delivering food and medicine to those who could not leave their homes. Doctors from all over the world have come together to fight the virus. People have become kinder and more appreciated the time spent with their families. Also, many have devoted time to self-development and self-education.
Perhaps many were in the clouds and dreamed of the end of this incident. But many have found advantages and joys in this.
Therefore, you will learn to enjoy the little things and do not forget that if you dream too much and your head is in the clouds, you will lose sight of what is happening in the world around you!